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The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home

6 Dining Room Trends For The Next Decade You Need To Know About

Dining rooms have a lot of potencial… Here are the dining room trends that will take over the next decade!

Many trends come and go but some are truly timeless. When it comes to interior design, trends are forever changing, but as a new decade starts this year, we take a look at what interior designers think will be the next big thing in dining room decor and how we perceive this often forgotten space of your home. Take a look at the dining room trends you need to know about!

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Entertaining Will Be The Keyword

6 Dining Room Trends For The Next Decade You Need To Know About_1

In this new decade, dining rooms will be the new space for entertaining guests, incorporating as much seating as possible, as well as focusing on durability. Hosting dinner parties will be an even bigger trend, with people attending restaurants even less, so it’s only fitting that a dining room will start to get used more often. Go for a sturdy dining room table that will help you achieve an elegant and stylish look.

Editor’s Choice

Dining Rooms With Multiple Purposes

6 Dining Room Trends For The Next Decade You Need To Know About_2

Dining rooms will truly become one of the rooms with more purposes in your home. Not only a place to dine, but also a place to sit, working on something in your laptop, or even a place to entertain guests or have a drink. Extra storage with floating shelves, more comfort and durability with beautiful and enjoyable dining chairs and good natural light is what it takes to achieve the perfect dining room for this decade.

Plants, plants, plants

6 Dining Room Trends For The Next Decade You Need To Know About_3

With biophilia being the new big trend this decade, having plants in your dining room is a no brainer. Not only does it make the room feel more fresh, it also brings a touch of color that will harmonize the space and make it feel more homey and comfortable. Some velvet dining chairs and a round dining table will go perfectly with this!

Editor’s Choice

Forget Formal Dining Rooms

6 Dining Room Trends For The Next Decade You Need To Know About_4

No longer will formal dining rooms be a thing. Dining rooms will be cozier spaces with an intimate and homey atmosphere to entertain guests and family, with unique pieces that add a personal touch. Benches are even being added to dining rooms as a fun and space-saving option for the whole family. Semi-open spaces with playful touches will be the big trend for this decade.

Editor’s Choice

Curated Selection

6 Dining Room Trends For The Next Decade You Need To Know About_5

Material, color and texture mix will be a big trend this next decade. No longer will we see dining room sets bought straight from the catalogue of a store. It’s time for custom furniture and lighting, designed spaces that fit you and your family, showcasing your art and vintage finds in gallery walls or on top of consoles or sideboards. It’s the right time to focus on uniqueness and personalized curation.

Graphic & Bold

6 Dining Room Trends For The Next Decade You Need To Know About_6

Think outside the box, be bold! When creating a dining room for this decade, think of bringing color, asymmetrical shaped pieces, out-of-the-ordinary design choices and steer clear from traditional choices. Comfort and function should be a must, but you also should maxime the style.

Editor’s Choice

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