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7 Modern Kitchen Decorations By Applegate Tran Interiors

Vernon Applegate and Gioi Tran have over 20 years of combined expertise in home interior design in the Bay Area, Los AngelesNew York City, and on international projects in Asia. Their work is truly masterful and as today’s article is about kitchen design, Bar Stools Furniture brings you some truly gorgeous kitchen ambiances by these experienced interior designers as well as some inspiration from other luxurious interior design brands.

7 Modern Kitchen Decorations By Applegate Tran Interiors_1

modern design with a stylish yet simple essence where wood color tones are predominant throughout the kitchen hardware and furniture.

7 Modern Kitchen Decorations By Applegate Tran Interiors_2

The charm and beautifulness of this clean-looking kitchen cannot be denied. The white that fulfills the exquisite furnishings of this kitchen is complemented by the wonderful golden touches applied in the kitchen hardware and bar chairs. This is truly a room that can captivate any eye at a mere glimpse.

Other Incredible Dining Room Designs To Get You Inspired!

7 Modern Kitchen Decorations By Applegate Tran Interiors_3

The Saboteur Swivel Bar Chair is a lovely velvet bar chair that harkens back to the classic elegance of noir films. It’s perfect for modern kitchens, bars, bistros, and lounge areas. It’s a fantastic choice for any modern kitchen design.

7 Modern Kitchen Decorations By Applegate Tran Interiors_3

This is the most contemporary kitchen you will see. This room embodies the French way of life by being practical and simple, with high-quality materials that define the design.

7 Modern Kitchen Decorations By Applegate Tran Interiors_4

Marble was used as the material to lavishly embellish this area in black and white tones, including the walls, floors, cabinetry, and kitchen island. The Shard Suspension, a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture with a strong presence and personality made of brass and crystal glass, complements the kitchen’s marble concept well. The contemporary velvet and leather Galea Bar Chair provides an added degree of elegance, and small elements like the Skyline Door Handles and Pulls by PullCast give this space a more detailed character.

7 Modern Kitchen Decorations By Applegate Tran Interiors_5

modern kitchen deserves a majestic and elegant design, and the hardware selection is absolutely crucial for this style and approach to have the best result. PullCast´s Cosmopolitan Collection can provide this elegance in the form of the iconic Skyline Door Pull as you can see by this clean kitchen ambiance.

7 Modern Kitchen Decorations By Applegate Tran Interiors_7

The timeless combination of gold and black always looks lovely in any interior design. The magnificent design of the Kelly Bar Chair reflects that elegance and adds charm to this pleasant ambiance.

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