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Kemble Interiors: High-End Interiors for High-End Clients

Discover the best design projects by Kemble Interiors!

Kemble Interiors was founded in 1982 by Maddock McMakin. This amazing interior designer has almost forty years in the business, showcasing her longevity and skill in this area. Her distinctive fusion between whimsy and respectful restoration has earned her a plethora of work and press. Working by herself or with licensed architects and contractors, Maddock McMakin is a perfect designer for all of your needs.

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1) Country Club

Kemble Interiors High-End Interiors for High-End Clients_1

The Country Club project combines a flavourful interior with a focus on a more rustic style. This amazing country club is simply astonishing, as it mixed two colours that are not easily paired: brown and blue. This amazing testament to the skill of Kemble is one-of-a-kind and has earned many press references.

2) Mayflower

Kemble Interiors High-End Interiors for High-End Clients_2

The Mayflower project is an eclectic dream. This amazing project features a fantastic hospitality design that is unparalleled in most interiors.

3) The Yale Club

Kemble Interiors High-End Interiors for High-End Clients_3

The Yale Club is a fantastic piece of design that will only get better with time. Classic, simple, and simply amazing, this club is a surefire way to astonish your loved ones when you gather them for a night out.

4) Playa Grande

Kemble Interiors High-End Interiors for High-End Clients_4

The Playa Grande project takes a whole lot of natural light, and creates an interior that mainly focuses on how amazing it would look with this motif.

5) Manhattan House

Kemble Interiors High-End Interiors for High-End Clients_5

Classic, posh, and elegant, the Manhattan house project is a sight to behold. The simple colour palette makes it so that this interior holds its own as a comfortable meeting place for your home.

6) Beach Cottage

Kemble Interiors High-End Interiors for High-End Clients_6

If you are a lover of a more eclectic style, then the Beach Cottage project is perfect for you. The mix of colours in this interiors is astounding, and it features a plethora of different shapes and sizes for most of the furniture.

7) Palm Beach Dutch Colonial

Kemble Interiors High-End Interiors for High-End Clients_7

Bedrooms are also a big part of Kemble Interior’s repertoire. The Palm Beach Dutch Colonial Project features a fantastic mix of natural light with a neutral colour palette.

8) Palm Beach

Kemble Interiors High-End Interiors for High-End Clients_8

The Palm Beach project is a fantastic interior design that features mainly two colours: blue and white. By mixing these two colours as well as natural light, the room become so much more comfortable and free.

9) Pared-Down

Kemble Interiors High-End Interiors for High-End Clients_9

The Pared-Down project is a much more simple and modern interior. Unlike the eclectic counterparts present in the blog post, the Pared-Down is a fantastic way to bring us back to reality.

10) Park Avenue

Kemble Interiors High-End Interiors for High-End Clients_10

Park Avenue is a fantastic interior design, showcasing simple colours. The motif present in this interior is also astonishing, showcasing roots in cinema and even travel.

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