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Art Of Living: Exquisite, Timeless Interiors By Friedmann And Versace

Virginie Friedmann and Delphine Versace help their clients create unique “art of living” spaces by writing and designing them. Friedmann and Versace’s style is defined by their sense of composition, the diversity of material combinations, the enhancement of traditional know-how, the coexistence of styles, and custom-designed furniture. This creative collaboration today establishes its own individuality while creating exquisite, timeless environments.

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Friedmann and Versace’s projects are part of a narrative approach whose very essence is to magnify the experience of life, to create places of character, inhabited by a singular soul. Inspired by all forms of art and influenced by the worlds of strong personalities such as Madeleine Castaing, Carlo Scarpa, Yves Saint Laurent, David Lynch, and Virginia Woolf… To create their decorations, the Friedmann and Versace team surrounds themselves with craftsmen with specific abilities – cabinetmakers, bronze workers, ceramists, upholsterers, marble workers, plasterers… – as well as artists, gallery owners, and antique dealers.

The Friedmann and Versace Studio’s projects range from villas to flats to restaurants, stores, and hotels, all with daring, comfort, and modernism as guiding principles. Their contrasting approaches ensure a strong creative synergy that incorporates artistic sensibility, a keen sense of detail, and a variety of materials. Delphine Versace, a Fine Arts graduate, began her work as a scenographer in the realm of contemporary art (LMX editions, Jeu de Paume, The New Patron, etc.) before dedicating herself to the construction of living environments eight years ago. She has been involved in the opening of around thirty businesses, always with the goal of moving forward.

Virginie Friedmann moved to interior design after ten years of assisting luxury houses in boosting the image and theatricality of their products. Each location has a tale for her to tell. This method enables him to create unique universes with strong personalities.

What do you think about Friedmann and Versace‘s interiors?

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