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8 Restaurants In Germany We Wouldn’t Mind Having Dinner With You In

Who doesn’t love a little bit of german meaty food? We’ll show you just where to dine with out list of restaurants in Germany that you can’t miss!

The two thoughts eat and Germany often produces directly stereotypes like schnitzel, sausage, and Co. A really outdated picture- nowadays there you find many more restaurants in Germany to go out with your friends. So you are not in the mood for the ooh so typical German food, doesn’t matter, we proudly present some really fascinating restaurants all over Germany. Be surprised by all these unique ideas!

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The Table

8 Restaurants In Germany We Wouldn't Mind Having Dinner With You In

The first outstanding location we want to present is ‘The Table’. It presents Modernity and Exclusivity and fit because of it very well in the located area of the seaport Hamburg- with its unique interior it blows you away. One single curved counter, made out of dark cherry wood, represents an unusual seating area which gives the opportunity to arrange different seating situations. With all these variables it spends coziness and easiness, but also through all the high-end interior, straight and modern design it gives you a shy kiss of luxury and extravagance- really a place to just be – to fall and get intoxicated by the delicacies.


8 Restaurants In Germany We Wouldn't Mind Having Dinner With You In

The Magic Of The South

‘Bian’ – a brand new address for gourmets and connoisseur in the middle of Hamburg. They are specialized in creating a modern interpreted Mediterranean kitchen, as you can also see in the interior. The wood covering is a typical decoration, just as the Mediterranean colors and fluent shapes. The olive tree in the middle of the room is the main advice to this flora and spend with all the well-set lights a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Come in and see for yourself.

Tim Raue

8 Restaurants In Germany We Wouldn't Mind Having Dinner With You In

Who wants, what he/she has to do, is free …

..is the motto of our next really thoughtful restaurant. ’Tim Raue’ is the name of the restaurant and simultaneously of his owner. The interior is telling his story of growing up and living in Berlin. Aspects like creativity, uniqueness, and freedom were the main thoughts the concept of it. You can discover it in the interior and decor, like for example this expressive red wall, but also in the art of food they representing. The interior is pronounced very much the urban, plain atmosphere and art of the capital and adds some more classic design interior, which are expressions of these days and of course of the high-end food, which is waiting for you!


Facil Berlin

8 Restaurants In Germany We Wouldn't Mind Having Dinner With You In

Switch to another big City

Feel good all around.

We are talking about Berlin, the capital of Germany and famous for all the creative, hectic Atmosphere. Here it is so damn important to find some quiet moments for yourself. How sounds dinner at the famous  ‘Facil Berlin’.  Nearly ironic, one of the calmest places in Berlin is placed in one of the most hectic ones, the ‘Potsdamer Platz’. But that’s life plays sometimes. The Facil Berlin offers a very soothing atmosphere kept in cream, sandy colors- you can enter and just breathe really deep. With the minimalistic and very quiet interior, it feels like a short vacation trip, where you just enjoy one of the bests gourmet menus of the country.


8 Restaurants In Germany We Wouldn't Mind Having Dinner With You In

Also located at one of the most famous streets of Berlin,  the ‘Kurfürstendamm’: ‘Savu’, a compound of Spanish, Italian and Scandinavian kitchen. So the interior is reflecting different aspects of all these countries. With the minimalist, modern and variable decor, they show us some Scandinavian influence, with all its lightness and with all the natural elements they allude to all the beautiful nature in these countries. It could be everything, but even one of these- so let them surprise you!

The SteakManufactur

8 Restaurants In Germany We Wouldn't Mind Having Dinner With You In

Let us have a look at the South

Now- here comes something for real meat lovers!

‘The SteakManufactur’ in Augsburg; Bavarian part of Germany is well known for they

delicacy. But here also interior lovers experience a pleasure, with an outcoming help of an interior office, they designed an incredible surrounding for your steak experience. Located in the historic Palais ‘Prinz-Karl’ of Augsburg, in the rustic brick vault, it should express a roughness and masculine side, but also be modern and timelessly elegant. Some rustic tables and chairs and the contrast of luxurious chandeliers wonderfully fulfill their function.


8 Restaurants In Germany We Wouldn't Mind Having Dinner With You In

The contrast could not be bigger

..but nevertheless, they have something in common- just a little bit far away in Munich we found this stunning vegetarian restaurant named ‘Tian’.  With Quality, Creativity and craftsmanship they designing masterpieces with biological, fair produced products- all these with the first goal to respect the nature, human and animals. They expressing their high-quality products in their interior with the use of golden elements. But with all the little details of plants its getting a native look, where you absolutely want to meet your friends and enjoy some eco-friendly dinner without regret!


Coda Dessert Dining

8 Restaurants In Germany We Wouldn't Mind Having Dinner With You In

Last But Not Least

Are you still hungry? Maybe a little sweet? You are definitely right at ‘Coda Dessert Dining’ ! The first Dessert Restaurant in Germany. The first thought when entering: Here I am wrong, a Dessert Restaurant, that looks so unexciting and gloomy? What should wait for you here?

Nothing else than a big and brilliant entrance of little desserts, each a little piece of art! The restaurant decor is on purpose very simple. The wood dining stools remind you of some old pubs you visited in your past, the walls and the ground looking a little bit like the industry hall next to your house, but yeah of course, there is something which pimps it up, but only in a shy way- the golden elements at the counter are giving a luxury touch to all the dark surrounding. Kind of mystic atmosphere, heh? We promise you, just don’t be scared, something little but at the same time very big is waiting for you! The most fantastic creation of desserts are ready to present you!

Now you are prepared with the best restaurants in Germany, and your next tastefully trip  can come!

written by Lena Meißner

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