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Halloween Cocktails To Impress (And Spook!) Your Guests

Throwing an Halloween party and need amazing cocktails? We got them!

Fall is just around the corner and with it comes one of our favorite holidays: Halloween. Spooky, fun and exciting, Halloween is the time for parties with friends, an excuse to dress up or have a cocktail with a more creative theme. If you’re throwing a party this holiday, you’ll want to check out these amazing halloween cocktails that are a dream. Or should we say nightmare?

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Purple People Eater Cocktail

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

A stunning cocktail with a mysterious purple and a hint of sugary sweet? Purple People Eater delivers exactly that! Using Blue Curacao, cranberry juice, vodka, sweet and sour mix and purple sugar, as well as other ingredients, you get this drink that will impress on your next Halloween party. And even better yet, put one of the classics horror movies and sip on this cocktail to take the edge off. What more do you need?

Magic Cotton Candy Martini

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

And because Halloween is also a magical time of the year, how about a cocktail with cotton-candy theme? Pastel shades bring out the fantasy and magic from this holiday, but the true magic happens when you take a sip. A mixture of grape juice, vodka and some ice over the candy, and you get the colorful martini for your Halloween party that everyone will adore.

Halloween Morgue-a-Rita Cocktail

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

Just the first appearance of this cocktail already causes a reaction. And because first impressions matter, a Halloween cocktail should be just like this: spooky and stunning. This drink only calls for light corn syrup, green food coloring, fresh lime juice, some club soda, some tequila, triple sec, and some cherries, but the pastel green sugary goo dripping down the edges of the glass can only be achieved with a mixture of light corn syrup and green food dye that gets the glass’s edge dipped into it. It will be a Halloween surprise that everyone will be coming back for more.

Mr. Hyde Potion

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

With the haunting vibe that makes Halloween so special, this drink that is inspired by potions, is nothing short of exceptional. Grab some vodka, some parfait amour liqueur, blackberry liqueur, tarragon simple syrup, some fresh lemon juice, and lavender syrup and you’ll get this incredible cocktail that all your guests will want to replicate at home. But don’t share the recipe! It will be your little Halloween secret.

Bloody Orange Cocktail

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

A bloody looking drink that will have your guests wondering in this mysterious Halloween spirit, this drink doesn’t only surprise by the looks. As you take the first sip, you’ll notice how refreshing it is with its orange and berry flavors. The cocktail is a brilliant mix of some vodka, Licor43, and lots of Orangina or 1:3 orange juice to club soda. The perfect way to impress your guests.

Witch’s Hat Cocktail

Dark and mysterious in color, this is a cocktail that no witch would want to share. However, the sweet and fruity-licious flavour is very hard to resist so we shall tell you how to get it. It’s fairly easy: to prepare the drink, you need to place vodka, Chambord, and cherry juice in a cocktail shaker pre-filled with ice, shaking it and straining the mix into the martini glass. And voila! The perfect witchy cocktail for your witchy Halloween party.

Smoking Skulls

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

Because skeletons are one of the Halloween classics, we couldn’t leave this cocktail out of our list. The smoky magic is simply the work of dry ice chips and the main taste is bourbon. Once you pour bourbon, lime juice and grenadine into a shaker over ice, you need to shake it well and strain into a shot glass, further dropping dry ice chips and topping with a rich splash of Mountain Dew. However, don’t consume the ice chips, allow them to dissolve into the drink first and only then shall the drink be ready. Enjoy!

Poison Apple Cocktail

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

Like something out of a fairytale that goes wrong, this drink portrays the poisoned apples given by the witch to Snow White. And the perfect drink to give to your guests on this spooky Halloween. Vanilla vodka, orange liqueur, some sour apple liqueur or schnapps, a little fresh lemon juice, some champagne, and of course, some ice, and you get this incredible cocktail that everyone will make everyone respect your cocktail mixing skills.

Black Devil Martini

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

A more elegant and still very mysterious drink is the Black Devil Martini. Dry vermouth and dark rum, and a martini glass coated with coarse orange sugar, garnished with black olives after stirring and straining the mixture of the two drinks. Diabolical in its looks, it’s a drink no one will actually forget.

Black Magic Halloween Cocktail

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

With vibrant hues and an incredible flavor, this Halloween inspired cocktail couldn’t impress more. It’s all about a vodka-infused fruit juice that gives the drink its different layers. Begin with adding some orange juice and triple sec over some ice in a cocktail shaker, shaking it well afterwards and straining into a glass. Next, you pour some black vodka slowly into a glass using the back of a spoon and the drink immediately comes to life, when the layers start forming and being looking as stunning and memorable as the drink will taste. A hauntingly spooky drink for your Halloween party.

Witch’s Brew Cocktail

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

A playful and vibrant drink that everyone will be dying to taste! This drink, however, comes with a twist: the gelatin. You begin by dissolving some gelatin in boiling water and add some pineapple juice, some lime soda and vodka into the solution when cooled. Add some ice and some hauntingly beautiful straws and you get the amazing drink that you see above.

Pumpkin Pie Shots

Halloween Cocktails That Will Impress (And Spook) Your Guests

Of course, we couldn’t end this list without the most famous Halloween dessert turned into cocktail. What all goes into the making of the drink includes some caramel vodka, some pumpkin spice liquor, and some rumchata. Add some colored sugar to the rim of the glass and you’re shot is ready to go! You’ll be amazed at how wonderfully Halloweeny it tastes!

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