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House Tour: Timelessly Modern Home In Chicago With Karim Rashid’s New Collection

Are you planning a home renovation? If the answer is yes, you’re reading the right article! Today, we will give you the chance to get inside this exquisite Modern Home in Chicago, filled with pieces of Karim Rashid’s new design collection – the Kasual Collection. Continue scrolling and grab a few design tips for your own residence or design project!

Chicago is known for its bold architecture and incredible connection with art, and this amazing residential design isn’t an exception. A new concept of home design has emerged where casualism becomes the star. This unique apartment designed by the mid-century studio shows how style and comfort come together in a beautiful harmonious ambiance using Karim Rashid’s newest collection with DelightFULL and Essential Home. Six different rooms show six unique experiences and every luxurious room has its own purpose. Based on the thought that casualism is the future, every piece was achieved to bring people together in one space, creating that safe and welcoming feeling. Let yourself be inspired by an interior design project like never seen before.

The Chicago-based residence features a unique architectural structure where the open concept takes the leading role. Hallway, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, and cinema room, are connected with high-length windows creating a circular dome in the middle of the apartment that features a majestic tree inside. Providing a unique connection with nature, this interior garden in the center is beautifully complemented with unique lighting and furnishing pieces.


House Tour Timelessly Modern Home In Chicago With Karim Rashid's New Collection_1

We’re all familiar with “making a good impression”, and this unique hallway design really transmits the perfect message to impress its guests. The unique wood statement wall shows itself to be the perfect background for the iconic golden Monocles sideboard by Essential Home. To complement this gorgeous look our designers paired this exclusive piece with an exquisite lighting structure created with DelighFULL’s new Kapsule suspension designed by the creative Karim Rashid.


House Tour Timelessly Modern Home In Chicago With Karim Rashid's New Collection_2

In the living room, the earth tones are once again beautifully enhanced with a touch of glamour through the luxurious golden details, such as Karim Rashid’s Kapsule suspension pieces. For those of you who look for comfort, nothing better than the Klaude sofa and the Karlotta single sofa, two unique pieces also by Karim Rashid that are the epitome of modern and contemporary design with their curved lines that are both fashionable and stunning. Other iconic elements of this unique room are the gorgeous Coltrane wall lamps, Lautner center tables, Philip side table, as well as a nude Minelli bench. Simplicity is the key to a robust room where luxury prevails.

House Tour Timelessly Modern Home In Chicago With Karim Rashid's New Collection_3


House Tour Timelessly Modern Home In Chicago With Karim Rashid's New Collection_4

Since open concept is the key element of this unique project, the guests have the chance to see the dining room as they are confortly sitting in the living area. This great dining space features a full luxury look that is composed by the beautiful marble stone Bertoia big dining table with its three cylindrical legs making a perfect pair with eight beige upholstered Isadora dining chairs. The incredible Krown chandelier by Karim Rashid brings an exquisite light and style to this unique space with its greatness and sophisticated lines.


House Tour Timelessly Modern Home In Chicago With Karim Rashid's New Collection_5

Next we have a fabulous luxury kitchen design with high-end custom cabinetry made with a combination of dark marble and wood. This unique kitchen set was complemented with other sophisticated black and golden elements, like the bar chairs on the kitchen island or the Karim Rashid’s Katia pendant lamps above it.


House Tour Timelessly Modern Home In Chicago With Karim Rashid's New Collection_6

A reference for refinement in design, a large room that features the rest area (bed) and a leisure area where you can enjoy quiet reading, all accompanied with the view of the winter garden in the center of the house. The product that stands out in this room is the Kay sofa, with a distinctive shape that will be loved by all design lovers looking for an eccentric, yet stunning piece. Designed with high quality materials and expertise, this sofa is comfortable and perfect for a luxury design project like this home. The bedroom design also features other iconic products from Essential Home and DelightFULL’s collection like Minelli bookcase, the Minelli nightstands and the Turner table lamps. Creativity is a strong fact in this product selection, enticing the eye with new possibilities and shapes. Soft and elegant, each piece is designed with a human and sensual feeling, bringing together contemporary and mid-century in a revolutionary way.

House Tour Timelessly Modern Home In Chicago With Karim Rashid's New Collection_7


With a curated selection of stunning and vibrant pastel colors that balance each other perfectly, the home cinema room is perfect for enjoying a good movie in a harmonious environment. The Kandi modular seating consists of soft white modules can be assembled to form a distinctively designed sofa that will match your needs. Curved lines are a timeless trend in home design and these seating modules are the perfect example of this. Customizable in color and how it is assembled to form a seating arrangement, this is definitely one of the best pieces to play with if you want to get creative with your space. It is perhaps the key piece of cinema and one that best represents the Essential Home’s Kasual Collection.

The two-stage cinema room, also features Essential Home’s Lautner and Francis Scott side tables for support, as well as DelightFULL’s Miles table lamps to achieve the ideal lighting environment. The perfect ambiance to have a memorable movie night without leaving home.

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