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The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home

Luxurious Bar Tables That Will Satisfy Your Thirst For Design

Luxurious Bar tables– just imagine you are sitting around one, having a fresh drink in the left or right hand, a deep inhale and exhale, and just lay back .. Who does not need that now and then? Switch off!.. and best of all with pleasure.

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A pleasure that distracts us, which takes us to everywhere with a  journey, just not into the here and now. The perfect mix of past and present are the bar and sub tables of Essential Home. Let their take you on a journey!

Let us embrace the golden age 1940’s

With memories to the golden past and the twist to the modern now, you are invited to experience more than one time in only one room. How you are asking yourself?

Janis Bar Table

Luxurious Bar Tables That Will Satisfy Your Thirst For DesignNo magic, no witches are needed. Just the fantastic mid-century bar table of Essential Home: Janis Bar Table. Take a seat on this pub table, which is definitely inspired by mid-century modern design and turn back time. Crafted from Verde Guatemala marble and a solid polished brass leg and supported by around marble base it has really excellent design. Ah and this green tone gives this special piece a timeless behavior, which makes it possible to use it for so different events, just to send your visitors right to the time where they want to be, just for a moment- just for a great break.

Another marble Goodness:

Luxurious Bar Tables That Will Satisfy Your Thirst For Design

Dark and mystic black marble acting like a tempting night with so many possibilities. We are proudly presenting the unique Bertoia Bar Table from Essential Home. Designed purely of dark marble this modern bar table acts with it round shape like a hidden persuader. As a part of the Bertoia Collection, the bar table is perfect for any luxurious grand homes and projects. Maybe your next one?

The conservative beauty

Luxurious Bar Tables That Will Satisfy Your Thirst For Design

Small but powerful: The Dolly Coffee Table of Essential Home. The featuring of the beautiful Nero Marquina marble top and the traditional brass band which encompasses the rim of the table invites you in a shy and very elegant way to enjoy a coffee in the morning,  a glass of fresh orange juice or just a little healthy salad at lunch. Because of its conservative beauty, it customizes nearly in every surrounding, it does not matter if it is a bistro, cafe, restaurant or hotel. And all these advantages with a gorgeous design with the totally trendy gold plated brass legs and a black lacquer finish on the stem. Truly an all-around talent!

Luxurious Bar Tables That Will Satisfy Your Thirst For Design

Are you ready for some exciting luxurious bar tables?


Written by Lena Meißner

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