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Small Yet Luxurious Home Interior Design Ideas!

Do you have a small kitchen but you still dream about a luxurious and fancy space?  Check the best small home interior design ideas to achieve that dream of yours!

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When your space is limited it’s hard to fit everything you need. Even harder if you want to fit the basics plus  the elements, which will help you to create a luxuroious and glamorous look, right? However, there’s some tricks to make it easir for you, keep scrolling for some incredible small home interior design ideas!


Let’s focus in the kitchen area, you want it to be practical yet stylish, right? Since it’s a really important room in your house, where you cook the best dishes ever and spend some time with family.

The first trick is color. When you have a small kitchen and want it to seem bigger, sometimes choosing the right color is enough to create that illusion, try light colors such as shades of white and grey and avoid patterns.

Small yet luxurious Home Interior Design ideas!

Now that your space looks bigger, let’s shop some fancy elements to give that glamorous look to your kitchen design. Let’s start with lighting, lighting isn’t all about lighting up the space from the dark, is actually more than it’s basic function, it’s about beauty and decor.

Another element that can completely make the difference is: bar stools! Not only pratical but also the perfect way to add a luxurious look to your small kitchen decor, hard to believe? Let me introduce you the most astonishing bar stools to complete your interior design!

Kelly Bar chair, its body is a full piece of polished brass and features a low back, a foot rail and brown leather on the seat. A mid-century modern piece that will bring the fancy element to your interior design!


Meet Light Lab LA Design Studio And Discover Their Stunning Open-Concept Spaces!

Russel Bar chair, with the briliance of the golden brass base and the timeless seductive velvet layered over a comfy foam frame, it will definitely bring the charm your house needs!


Meet Light Lab LA Design Studio And Discover Their Stunning Open-Concept Spaces!

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