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Things You Shouldn’t Forget To Add In Your Man Cave – Quarantine Read

Have you always been thinking about creating your man cave but didn’t have the time? Well, you can now with this quarantine, just roll up your sleeves and start decorating your next favorite room in the house.

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Depending on every person’s desires and interests, man caves can be extremely different decorated. Sporty, chill or fun, It’s all possible! Here are some ideas that might inspire you to complete your man cave

Things you shouldn't forget to add in your man cave

Add a bar

No matter how big or small your man cave is, there’s always some space for a bar. Whether you want to create a chill man cave, a sporty one, or a more exciting and fun one, adding a bar will just make everything much easier and better. Just imagine how perfect it will be to have some friends over where you can serve them a drink while you are watching a movie, playing a game, or just listening to some music and discussing things. 

Depending on the other activities you want to add in your man cave, you should decorate your bar in such way that everything matches up and creates a harmonious space. 


If you don’t know which bar chair to choose to match your interior, then are these Collins bar chairs the perfect choice for you. In their simplicity, yet sophisticated look they will add en effortlessly extra touch to your decor.

Things you shouldn't forget to add in your man caveDon’t forget a TV screen

Your thoughts might trick you and tell you to not have a TV in your man cave, but trust me, you will want one. Some days you’ll want to just go to your space and have a chill night drinking and watching some movie. And even if you think that that wouldn’t be the case for you, just think about watching an important game with your friends with the volume up where no one tells you to be quiet. I’ll tell you, it’s a privilege. 

Things you shouldn't forget to add in your man cave

Different lighting

Going to your man cave throughout the day or the evening, enjoying your time alone or having some friends over… It’s a different feeling and vibe. That’s why it’s crucial to not have one lamp that will enlighten the whole room just like a living room. Bring some dim lights to create a soft ambient depending on your mood and the situation. that will make a man cave go from good to extraordinary

Things you shouldn't forget to add in your man cave

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