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The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home

10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas

When it comes to picking the best decor, these mid-century dining room ideas can do no wrong!

It’s not always easy to decorate, especially when you’re working with such a unique and exciting style such as mid-century. It’s not just about slapping vintage furniture finds into your dining room, it’s about personality, quality, comfort and making it all come together perfectly. Today, we’re showing you some inspiring mid-century dining room ideas so you can achieve that perfect vintage look with a contemporary twist!

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10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas_10

Why not start with a rug? Often times, people forget about the importance of a rug in interior design – it can really make or break a room, especially because it provides not only personality and texture, but also depth, complementing perfectly with your dining room furniture pieces.

10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas_9

Much of what mid-century is was also inspired by high-quality Japanese and Italian craftsmanship. Why not mix an homage to both? The minimalism of Japanese interiors goes perfectly with stunning craftsmanship from Italy, providing you with incredible quality pieces such as dining chairs made of wood with accents and details.


10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas_8

However, if keeping things simple is not your thing, how about adding some personality and color with maximalism decor? A marble round dining table paired with colorful mid-century dining chairs and a patterned wallpaper in a bold color can go a long way in creating the perfect dining room look for you!


10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas_7

A pop of color is all you need sometimes. In an all-white dining room, you can still have some personality injected in there in the form of colorful dining chairs and a statement suspension lamp above the table. What else could you possibly need to get the mid-century dining room decor of your dreams?

10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas_6

A staple of mid-century style was the round dining tables and you can definitely have that with a contemporary twist in your home so it won’t feel outdated. You can have a round rug underneath to center the dining area and have some beautiful wooden chairs that create some texture as well.

10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas_5

Something you can’t go without in your dining room decor is definitely a mid-century sideboard. No matter the style you’re going for, a mid-century sideboard always looks incredible. It adds some extra storage without giving up on the style, making it feel compact, stylish and luxurious.


10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas_4

Clean mid-century chairs don’t get the right look by themselves, you gotta complement them with the right accessories. Our tip? Why not add a floating shelf on the wall with pictures or art? It adds a special touch of personality you’ll definitely need!

10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas_3

Plants are the new trend and they’re absolutely everywhere. It wasn’t the easiest year for a lot of people and staying home meant wanting a piece of outside, of nature, inside and straight into your decor. We’re sure the trend won’t go away any time soon so why not grab some plants that will for sure look amazing in your mid-century dining room decor?

10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas_2

If you’re dealing with a smaller space for your dining room, we definitely recommend adding mirrors and transparent consoles to make it feel like there is more area than you actually have. It adds storage and accessories without feeling too crowded!

10 Inspiring Mid-Century Dining Room Ideas_1

Lastly, play around with dark and light colors, mix it up and have some fun! Mid-century style is all about that, so why not add a dark wall and bright red dining chairs? I’m sure you will adore these inspiring mid-century dining room ideas!


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