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5 Restaurants Inspired By The Mid-Century Interior Design of the 50’s

Come discover the design style inspired in the “happy days” and let nostalgia fulfill your heart

There are little things that get me going nowadays. With so many stress in our lives we many times need some time away from home to clear our minds. In these restaurants inspired in the mid-century interior design of the 50’s, you’ll feel like you’re back in time, where no problems can reach you.

Come with us in this journey, see these amazing vintage modern interiors and gather restaurant decor ideas!

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MaMa Kelly Amsterdam

5 Restaurants Inspired By The Mid-Century Interior Design of the 50’s
Photo © MaMa Kelly Amsterdam

Starting off this article the best way possible, with extraordinary restaurant design ideas, a restaurant with a mid-century interior design with a bold pink statement that tiptoes on the edge of glamour and kitsch.

MaMa Kelly is known for its dramatic mural and Instagrammable food and spaces but that’s not all we’re obsessed about, as the champagne-gold accents and dramatic lighting turn the space into something out of a movie!

It has a very detailed design style that really pop in pictures and we just can’t get enough of it!


5 Restaurants Inspired By The Mid-Century Interior Design of the 50’s
Photo © Cecconi’s

Next in this trip through the 50’s mid-century interior design, is a restaurant that can be found in Mayfal London, Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul, West Hollywood and Dumbo New York.

Cecconi’s has more of a nature-friendly design style, as there are some trees growing inside of the restaurant space, making it quite different and interesting, and is also really airy, so it’s a really great place to go enjoy some great food with an amazing mid-century interior design, relax and enjoy your company.

Tommy’s Diner Cafe

5 Restaurants Inspired By The Mid-Century Interior Design of the 50’s
Photo © Tommy’s Diner Cafe

Our next stop is a true throuback to the disco ages, as pink walls, turquoise benches, abundant neon and black and white plaid tiles fulfill the space of this french restaurant.

This design style is exacly what comes to mind when we think of the mid-century interior design, and is a great place to not only enjoy a burger but also get vintage restaurant decor ideas, in this beautifully put restaurant.

Klay Saint Sauveur

5 Restaurants Inspired By The Mid-Century Interior Design of the 50’s
Photo © Klay Saint Sauveur

Diving into another restaurant with an inspiration from the mid-century interior design of the 50’s, is yet another french restaurant.

This amazing place has a very fresh feeling to it, due to all the plants surrounding it, and even tho it has the 50’s inspiration, it has a more modern interior design, as marble, velvet and brass magnify this building with industrial charm.

A real place of life in the heart of the Montorgueil district, where I for sure what to dine some day!

Restaurant Le 107 Neuilly

5 Restaurants Inspired By The Mid-Century Interior Design of the 50’s
Photo © yooko

For last but not least, a restaurant with a more retro chic look, with a strong influence from music, photography, cinema and literature.

This colorfull restaurant definetly has a strong pop character and is a perfect choice for those who like visual attractions and a cozy atmosphere.

This is also a great place to gather restaurant decor ideas, as with so many ideas floating around this restaurant, you can not be uninspired!

This ends our journey though restaurants with the influence of the mid-century design of the 50’s, and we hope it got you curious and interested in trying out different spaces with different stories to tell.

Make sure to comment below which one was your favourite and if you ever went to a 50’s themed restaurant.

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