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5 (Very) Unusual Restaurants In The World That You Have To Know!

If you enter these unusual restaurants you are sure to have the most peculiar meal!

Restaurants are more than food on a plate. The essence of the industry is to convince us exactly of that. On the one hand, we go to restaurants because we are made to believe that the food is better, being prepared by highly skilled people. On the other hand, we go for the social aspect of sharing a meal with others. But what if the restaurant, or the food, or both, is a bit… odd? Well, these restaurants sure live up to that!

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1 – Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Rangdi Island, Maldives)

Opened in 2005, this all-glass restaurant is a gorgeous and intimate underwater place that is more than 16 feet bellow the sea level. Encased in a transparent acrylic roof, you can enjoy your meals surrounded by a striking 270º panoramic view of sea life circumnavigating the transparent structure underneath crystal clear sea water. The menu consistes of gourmet dishes, such as fresh seafood and veal.

5 (Very) Unusual Restaurants In The World That You Have To Know!

2 – Redwoods Treehouse (Warkworth, New Zealand)

If you enjoy the wilderness, then this one is for you. The trees near the town of Warkworth in New Zealand are known for the Redwoods Treehouse. This restaurant built in 2008 consists of a pod-shaped structure that stands 32 feet above the ground, which you are required to access via an elevated treetop walkway. The venue is used exclusively for private functions and events. From canapés to petit fours, you won’t be disappointed with the food they’re serving!

5 (Very) Unusual Restaurants In The World That You Have To Know!

3 – Modern Toilet (Taipei City, Taiwan)

The guy who came up with this restaurant did so when he was reading while… well, sitting on a toilet. Initially, the place only sold chocolate ice cream in containers shaped like toilets, but once the humorous spin became a success, it became a full eatery and is now a restaurant chain spread throughout many locations across Asia. You can expect to sit in non-working toilets and have your food served in toilet-shaped bowls. We’ll leave it up to your curiosity!

5 (Very) Unusual Restaurants In The World That You Have To Know!

4 – Cat Café Nekorobi (Tokyo, Japan)

Can you even trust people who dislike cats? Well, we’re not sure about that, but this café is not for you to go with them anyway! Located in Tokyo, this is a place for you to spend time with friends of the feline variety. You’ll find yourself in a joint where cats appear from everywhere! There is a vending machine that offers a number of hot and cold beverages and instant food. If you visit in the evening you’ll have a chance to witness the cats’ dinning ritual in which the small felines feast in circle formation from their respective food bowl.

5 (Very) Unusual Restaurants In The World That You Have To Know!

5 – Grotta Palazzese (Poligamo a Mare, Italy)

When we think of the most sophisticated restaurants, we think of Paris. However, this restaurant in Italy is has elegant as it gets, though for one very particular reason! Located in the fishing village of Polignano a Mare, this peculiar restaurant sits on the inside of a cave by the sea. In fact, this cavern has been serving as a spot to hold various events since the 1700s! Needless to say this restaurant is absolutely stunning and the perfect setting to entertain your romantic side. With scrumptious food and a long wine list, all the good (is there any bad?) of Italian cuisine can be found here!

5 (Very) Unusual Restaurants In The World That You Have To Know!

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