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7 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas

Discover incredible restaurant design projects by the incredible Tarruella Trenchs Studio!

A creative and talented team of designers that creates modern and successful interior design projects will show you just how stunning restaurants can be! Today, we’re taking a look at Tarruela Trenchs Studio and some of their very best restaurant design projects! Don’t be fooled though, you’ll find a wide array of other types of projects in their portfolio, but these are some of our favorite honorable mentions in the hospitality industry!

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Spot, Mallorca, 2017

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_1

The very first restaurant on our list is Spot in Mallorca, characterized by the use of traditional materials and the stunning 60s and 70s influence. You’ll find the use of neutral materials and a warm color palette to bring a more intimate and balanced space.

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_2

The furniture was carefully selected to provide a more relaxing vibe, but we can’t forget the reclaimed rustic ceramic tiles that serve almost like a rug in certain parts of the space, as well as the ceramics and handcrafted pieces found in the rich walls, exposing the culture of the region.

Murri, Alicante, 2016

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_3

Murri restaurant presents a more elaborate gastronomic proposal, but also a more stunning and intimate space in Alicante. Walnut wood, Baltic blue stone flooring, wall of upholstered panels enveloping the restaurant and brass latice make for a sophisticated and visually appealing design that no one can resist!

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_4

The team of Tarruella Trenchs Studio is known for creating spaces that evoke emotions.

La Bien Aparecida, Madrid, 2015

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_5

Due to the religious inspiration behind the concept of the restaurant, Sandra Tarruella Interioristas proposed a space with materials that evoke ecclesiastical elements, leading to the stunning restaurant design project you can see in the image above. They worked with the highest-quality materials to reach the perfect end result: a simple but aesthetic homage to the true worship of this space: the gastronomy.

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_6

“Our experience in the field allows us to reinterpret, think and provide a more accurate and adequate solution. Achieving the essence of an idea that has its own personality and guarantees the final result.”

-Tarruela Trenchs Studio

Castell Peralada Restaurant, Girona, 2016

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_7

Timeless, sophisticated, classical: that’s how we describe this incredible restaurant designed by Tarruella Studio. Antiques from the Peralada Museum, furniture of Italian design, custom designed pieces with sober pure lines and noble materials of the highest-quality reign the dining spaces, balanced and harmoniously combined.


Turqueta, Valencia, 2016

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_8

This relaxed new space in Valencia reminds everyone that visits it of home. With a domestic ambiance and a relaxing atmosphere, the comfort is evident and showcased so clearly in the colors chosen, as well as the traditional materials and comfortable furniture pieces.

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_9

The studio has extensive experience in the development of restaurant projects, both in the design and in the management of the business, an added value of our firm, as well as in hospitality, commercial, ephemeral and office projects.

La Primera, Madrid, 2016

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_10

This restaurant is the third gastronomic project of chef Paco Quirós and businessman Carlos Crespo, located on the first floor of the iconic Grassy Building. The studio was able to take the space and strip it down to its origins, bringing a slightly more contemporary and ornamental spin to it. The best part of it? The project aims to review its historic context in a respectful manner, reusing certain elements found in the original intervention. We absolutely adore it!

Taberna Wabi-sabi, Valladolid, 2013

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_11

This Japanese tavern in the center of Valladolid was created with the hope of mixing traditional bars in the area with Japanese cuisine. It has a somewhat minimalist interior design with added aesthetic details and diverse references to the Japanese culture.

8 Best Restaurant Design Projects By Sandra Tarruela Interioristas_12

If you wish to know more about Tarruella Trenchs Studio, visit their website or contact them through the info below.

Tarruella Trenchs Studio
Madrazo 83, Entl. 2ª, 08006 Barcelona (España)

+34 933 622 264


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