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The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home

8 Horror-Themed Restaurants And Bars For A Magical Halloween Night

Autumn just started and we all know what that means: time to collect Halloween decor ideas!

As the new season arrives and the leaves fall down to the ground, it’s like mother nature is making a call for the souls to come celebrate the upcoming holiday. As we’re always on top of the latest restaurant decor, for this one we selected the best horror-themed restaurants decor ideas for a spooky Halloween with all your friends!

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1. Beetle House 

8 Horror-Themed Restaurants And Bars For A Magical Halloween Night
Photo © Beetle House’s Facebook Page

One of the best restaurants to go this halloween and be as freaky as you want to be is Beetle House. With locations in New York and Los Angeles, this spooky halloween themed restaurant is the plece to be if you’re a fan of horror movies and gothic dark music.

Though they are quick to point out they have no official affiliation with Tim Burton, Beetle House restaurant decor takes its inspiration from the director’s films and makes delights to everyone who loves these kind of movies.

Editor’s Choice

If you’re looking to add a Tim Burton inspiration to your house as well, we got the perfect piece for you!

8 Horror-Themed Restaurants And Bars For A Magical Halloween Night


Burton is a Tim Burton inspired rug, designed in an hexagonal shape with a pleasingly simple geometric pattern. Made out of thin wool, this stunning rug is entirely trimmed by hand following a low relief technique. Its intricate composition allows for optical illusion, providing a sense of depth to your living room.


2. Mario’s Double Daughter’s Salotto

8 Horror-Themed Restaurants And Bars For A Magical Halloween Night
Photo © Mario’s Double Daughter’s Salotto Facebook Page

Next in our best restaurants for a Halloween hang out is an enchanting conversational lounge that provides intimate seating amid an entangled forest. With a huge artificial tree, oversized red booths and a railing composed of axes, this is yet another Tim Burton restaurant decor associated.

This themed restaurant is named after the co-owner Mario Guccio’s daughters, conjoined twins who passed away. Although a sad story behind it’s naming, this is truly a must stop for a good time this Halloween,

3. Jekyll and Hyde Club

8 Horror-Themed Restaurants And Bars For A Magical Halloween Night
Photo © Yelp

The next vintage restaurant is one of the hottest for a spooky Halloween due to it’s restaurant decor full of Halloween ideas that will leave your heart racing.

Billed as New York’s only haunted restaurant and bar, Jekyll and Hyde Club is the ultimate in spooky, kitschy dining with costumed waiters, secret doors, things that pop out at you and decor like a creepy explorer’s club. One of the best restaurants for a memorable Halloween.

4. Muriel’s Jackson Square

8 Horror-Themed Restaurants And Bars For A Magical Halloween Night

Photo © Muriels Website

The next in line for best restaurants to a spooky Halloween is an epitome of decadence, opulence, and mystery that surrounds the French Quarter, coupled with the area’s finest contemporary Creole cuisine.

Plenty of restaurants claim to be haunted, but Muriel’s Jackson Square in New Orleans truly embraces its ghosts with Séance Lounge, decorated like the eighteenth-century bordello the building was once home to.

In this vintage restaurant you can experience a feast for the senses and enlightenment for your soul.

5. Old Devil Moon

8 Horror-Themed Restaurants And Bars For A Magical Halloween Night
Photo © Old Devil Moon’s Website

Old Devil Moon makes a stand in our list and enters ours best restaurants with spooky Halloween restaurant decor with a tagline of “Mischief Made, Spirits Raised,” as this San Francisco occult-themed bar and restaurant truly channels New Orleans.

Inside, the devil is in the detail. A comfortable atmosphere dripping with black magic – candles, tarot, and ouija, make sure to try to spot their dead bar cat watching you from between the rum bottles, if you decide to visit this vintage restaurant this holiday. You may even get your fortune read while your cocktail is stirring.

6. Zombie Burger + Shake Lab

8 Horror-Themed Restaurants And Bars For A Magical Halloween Night
Photo © Zombie Burger + Shake Lab’s Facebook

Claiming to be a “GOREmet eatery” in a “post-apocalyptic chic setting,” this Iowa-based mini chain is all about the burgers and it’s the place to be this Halloween, to enjoy some tasty fast food with their own twist!

With an amazing restaurant decor, this had to be on our list of best restaurants with Halloween ideas for a spooky and out of the box holiday. Just make sure to protect your brain.

7. Phantom Carriage Brewery

8 Horror-Themed Restaurants And Bars For A Magical Halloween Night
Photo © Phantom Carriage Brewery’s Facebook Page

Phantom Carriage pays homage to classic horror cinema and is named after an obscure 1920’s Swedish horror film. The taproom/eatery atmosphere and decor is influenced by ominous castles and brooding cellars and features a small, on-site movie theater showcasing creepy cinematic classics.

This may just be one of the best restaurants to go spend you Halloween and the darkest destination.

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to a combination of reasons, the leader and brains behind Phantom Carriage will be departing this Friday, August, 31st. Anyone that wishes to say farewell is welcome to join us for this sacred day. And now a message from all that remain; . Martin, Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us, and to so many people in our industry. You paved the way for countless industry professionals and beer lovers alike. You created a place for the oddballs and outcasts to feel apart of something that they were passionate about. Your hard work, creativity, and generosity go unmatched. . Thank you for bringing your vision to life, from the start of your notepads filled with sketches and notes on what Phantom Carriage would soon become. The gathering of our team (family) and supportive guests is something truly special. We wish you the best in your future as the journey is not over. . Ryan, as you also depart, we also want to wish you the absolute best. Your continuous support for this project has been magical. Martin would never have been able to pull off countless, sleepless (Phantom Carriage) nights without you. We cherish every bit of you, your insight into our beloved craft beer world and the personal interaction you put on every team member and loyal guest who walk through that door. . We bid you both an honorable farewell. . At this day in age, we crave meaning; we crave something that is not mass produced. Respectively, something unique and full of life. Phantom Carriage is here to stay and will live on for many years to come… . For additional info on this story please visit https://thefullpint.com/beer-news/phantom-carriage-co-founder-martin-svab-transitions-out-of-company/.

A post shared by Phantom Carriage Brewery (@phantomcarriage) on

8. The Lovecraft Bar

8 Horror-Themed Restaurants And Bars For A Magical Halloween Night
Photo © The Lovecraft Bar’s Facebook Page

The Lovecraft Bar is a horror-themed bar and nightclub located in Portland, that pay tribute to the world of the weird, the macabre and horror in music, movies, art, and literature. From the timeless unknown depths of the eldritch in classic horror tropes to more modern twists of macabre and Tim Burton-esque dark, romantic humor.

Voted several times over as being one of the top 10 theme bars in this world, you for sure will have a blast at this vintage bar, and spend a spooky Halloween with all your friends at one of the best restaurants for this bizarre holiday!

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