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Elle Decor A-List 2019: Here’s Some Of Our Favorites!

Elle Decor A-List 2019 came out with this year’s 100 A-list interior designers of the year and because we’re always on top of every design news, we have a sneak peek ready for you. Take a look at this year’s most influential interior designers that we absolutely adore!

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Ashe Leandro

Elle Decor A-List 2019 Here's Some Of Our Favorites!_8 (1)

Located in New York City, Ashe Leandro have projects all over the globe. Referencing art, design and culture, they blend natural materials, textures and patterns to create refined, curated spaces that exude timeless energy. All while embracing their philosophy: ‘We embrace instinct, ingenuity and humour over traditional design convention.’

Amy Lau

Elle Decor A-List 2019 Here's Some Of Our Favorites!_7 (1)

Amy Lau has a sensibility in design that is hard to find anywhere else. Warmth, art, color – it all translates into incredible interior design projects that stay in the hearts and minds of many.

Michael Smith

Elle Decor A-List 2019 Here's Some Of Our Favorites!_6 (1)

Michael Smith is considered one of the most original and respected talents in the design industry today. With the unique style that seamlessly blends European classicism and American modernism.

Nate Berkus

Elle Decor A-List 2019 Here's Some Of Our Favorites!_5 (1)

Nate Berkus is certainly the public face of contemporary design, being not only a TV personality but an exceptional interior design with an eye for sophistication, natural materials, neutral palettes and handmade objects.

Catherine Martin

Elle Decor A-List 2019 Here's Some Of Our Favorites!_4 (1)

Next to her four Oscars, five BATFTA’s and a Tony Award. Next to Catherine‘s love for the visual arts her passion for authenticity, elegance, timelessness, her creations can transport anyone lucky enough to experience them.

Kelly Wearstler

Elle Decor A-List 2019 Here's Some Of Our Favorites!_3 (1)

Kelly Wearstler‘s design is marked by luxury and sophistication, attention to detail and soulful design that can’t be found easily. “Wearstler’s signature style juxtaposes raw with refined, melds sophistication and spirited spontaneity, and brings together diverse periods of furniture.”

Nicole Fuller Interiors

Elle Decor A-List 2019 Here's Some Of Our Favorites!_2 (1)

Nicole Fuller Interiors is a multi-faceted interior design firm based in New York City and Los Angeles, specializing in high-end residential and commercial design projects in the US and abroad.

Ryan Korban

Elle Decor A-List 2019 Here's Some Of Our Favorites!_1 (1)

Ryan Korban, although young, already presents us with incredible interior design projects with strong signature aesthetics that made a name for himself. Sleek, marbly interiors, geometric forms and muted color palette – it’s no surprise that he’s on this list.

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