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Home Entrance Design Ideas! Check it here!

The first impression counts, let your friends jealous as soon as they step foot inside your house. Get inspired by these amazing home entrance design ideas!

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Whether you have a big home entrance or a tiny hall space, your home’s entrance is the first thing your visitors will see as soon as they step foot inside your house and it also is the sight that welcomes you home every day. So we better not understimate that space, right? We must make it as pretty as it can get!


In this article you’ll find the best home entrance design ideas to brighten up your space and cause a good first impression. Believe me a “welcome” rug isn’t enough!

1. Keep it organized

Many people tend to use the home entrance space to storage things, drop mail, bags, backpacks or even to leave all the shoes. So why not organize those things and keep it pretty at the same time?

Home Entrance Design Ideas!Home Entrance Design Ideas!Home Entrance Design Ideas!Home Entrance Design Ideas!

2. Add some lighting

By now you already know that your home entrance space can’t at all be ignored, it’s actually a great place to start defining your style. And how can you make it happen? Well, an outstandind lighting piece will definitely help, beyond being practical is also a good way to add some style.

Home Entrance Design Ideas!

3. Add a sideboard

If you have an open space concept house or a big and spacious home entrance, a sideboard is the piece of furniture that is missing to complete the look and the room. Furthermore it’s more storage that you’ll have, plus the best place to leave the car and house keys.

Home Entrance Design Ideas!Home Entrance Design Ideas!

3. Place a mirror

Having a mirror close by the door not only will help you to add more brightness to the space by reflecting light, but also is the perfect object to double check if you’re in you’re best self before leaving the house.

Home Entrance Design Ideas!

Home Entrance Design Ideas!

4. Make use of the space

If after all these tips you still have plenty of space to fill in your home entrance, you better make use of it in the best way you can. Sometimes we get home really tired from working all day, so all we want is relief some stress, a cocktail definitely can help with that, so why not place a bar?

Home Entrance Design Ideas!

Home Entrance Design Ideas!

Home Entrance Design Ideas!

To complete the look ⬇️

Home Entrance Design Ideas!

Home Entrance Design Ideas!

Step 3:


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