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Lamia Fish Market: An Aquatic Modern Restaurant in New York

This modern restaurant in New York is guaranteed to transport you to the Mediterranean.

The name was inspired by the Greek city of Lamia and also an ancient sea monster of legend that goes by the same name. But don’t let that fool you! There is nothing monstrous about this restaurant, quite the contrary! Join us in finding out about the aquatic charm of this Mediterranean restaurant.

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Lamia Fish Market: An Aquatic Modern Restaurant in New York

A two-story seafood restaurant whose every corner takes you on a journey through the ocean is a very rare occurrence, but that is precisely what Lamia Fish Market in New York City offers you. Inaugurated in June 2019, it is a fresh counterpoint to the vibrant night-life that dominates the East Village neighborhood, where the venue is located, and is a nod to Lamia Funti’s, the owner, Mediterranean background.


Lamia Fish Market: An Aquatic Modern Restaurant in New York
Octopus Room

The name itself has various inspirations. It is of course Funti’s name, but coincidentally is also the name of a Greek port city and of a half-woman creature from Ancient Greek mythology. When it comes to interior design and food service, all of these inspirations come together.

Lamia Fish Market: An Aquatic Modern Restaurant in New York
Ship Room

By the hands of interior designer Dara Young, Funti’s background, the beautiful Greek port city of Lamia and the ancient female creature have come together into a charming and refreshing feminine Mediterranean ambience. Young worked alongside Funti for two years (it is no-less than a 7000-square foot-space after all), bringing the space to life and also collaborating with artists such as Will Kurtz, Brian Farrell, and Michela Martello, bring details together with their own unique interpretations.

Lamia Fish Market: An Aquatic Modern Restaurant in New York
Raw Bar

The space is so large that the owner insisted on dividing it into different environments within the restaurant, considering that to be truly important to the overall look and concept. A large space provided the opportunity to truly create multiple experiences under the same roof. The different areas provide different ambiences with new things to discover and can be used for different purposes. You can, for example, have a date in The Grotto room, celebrate a large party in The Ship private dining room, or have a sip of your favorite cocktail after work in the Bar room.


Lamia Fish Market: An Aquatic Modern Restaurant in New York

The different areas are five in total and all have different inspirations with ocean as the central theme:

  • The Bar is kitch and tasteful, a place to feel like you’ve just boarded a ship.
  • Then you have the Octopus Room, where stunning design work manages to capture the feel of waves and brings the room to life alongside the focal octopus mural.
  • The Raw Bar is another area and is meant to be a light and airy oyster bar whose main focus is the ambience provided by the seafloor decor and the skylight that makes you feel as if you’re looking from bellow the surface.
  • The Deck/Ship Room is a private dinning room inspired by captain’s quarters with dishes spread on the two-tiered table and salvaged portholes giving a glimpse of the outside from the hand-painted walls.
  • The Grotto is a room where the stone wall pays homage to New York’s vibrate seaport history. This is where guests can dine under the sky or be tucked away in a cozy banquette corner.

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