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Nikkei Nine Restaurant: The Perfect Affair Between Food And Design

Nikkei Nine Restaurant combines Japanese and Peruvian cuisine to provide a unique culinary and visual experience. This magnificent design restaurant by Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is famed for its food perfection, influenced by diverse cultures and continents’ gastronomies, and is located in Hamburg, one of Germany’s major cities.

The word “nikkei” refers to the restaurant’s culinary orientation, but the number nine is associated with good fortune in Japanese culture, therefore it was added to the name. In Japan, a good night’s sleep is defined as nine hours. In addition, the number nine denotes the highest level of attainable economic achievement as well as the ideal number of people at a restaurant table. Interestingly, the old Doc Cheng’s street number 9 provides a link between the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten’s modern future and its traditional legacy on the Inner Alster Lake. This obvious link reflects the idea of longevity and a unique restaurant concept.

The restaurant‘s name comes from Nikkei Food, which encompasses Japanese cuisine with a Peruvian influence that began in the kitchens of Japanese immigrants in South America, mostly in Peru and Brazil. Nikkei Cuisine presents a style that enhances the Japanese fine sense of classically elegant cuisine by adding joyful, hearty Peruvian components, using startling pairings and powerful flavors.


Whether it’s tartar made with Wagyu steak from Japan’s southernmost tip or pickled scallops with Peruvian components, there’s something for everyone. In a walk-in demonstration kitchen, food is grilled over an open fire on a Japanese Robata grill. Nikkei Nine Restaurant features a bar where you may taste innovative Japanese-Peruvian cocktail combinations, excellent champagne, and sake to round out your dining experience.

When combined with the place’s luxurious exotic atmosphere, the gastronomic experience is perfectly completed. The new Nikkei Nine restaurant is totally decked in gold, cognac, amber, and black. General Manager Ingo C. Peters and his Executive Team designed Nikkei Nine’s interior concept. The Bohème Safe is one of the stars of the design, and Boca do Lobo is one of the brands that contribute to the wonderful interior of the restaurant. This installation is made up of a collection of luxurious vintage travel luggage that greets visitors at the door.


The restaurant’s theatre kitchen, which is open to visitors, is the centerpiece of the revolutionary idea, allowing them to enjoy a meal prepared by the best chefs in the industry. Furthermore, the restaurant benefits from a double-loaded bar that serves both fantastic cocktails and supper. It’s late at night. A chimney built in the wall and innovative lighting concepts provide an incredible sense of space in the two-sided Nikkei Nine bar, which is the focal point of the entrance area.

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