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Steal The Look Of Karim Rashid’s Stunning Product Design Collection

Discover the stunning product design collection by Karim Rashid!

Are you planning a home renovation? You just came across the perfect article that will show you that it’s possible to steal the look of Karim Rashid ‘s incredible product design collection! Continue reading and check out how you can be inspired by their unique design signature!

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Steal The Look Of Karim Rashid's Stunning Product Design Collection_3

“Cultural trainer. Artist. Non-conformist. These are just some of the expressions attributed to the world famous designer Karim Rashid.” For him, design serves a purpose in molding human experience with a touch of contemporary realness that can’t be forgotten.

Steal The Look Of Karim Rashid's Stunning Product Design Collection_1
Juxt Pendant by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. Over 4000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in over 40 countries attest to Karim’s legend of design. The incredible product collection under his name perfectly explains his success.


Steal The Look Of Karim Rashid's Stunning Product Design Collection_2
Madeleine Suspension Lamp | DelightFULL

Steal The Look Of Karim Rashid's Stunning Product Design Collection_4

“For the longest time design only existed for the elite and for a small insular culture. I have worked hard for the last 20 years trying to make design a public subject.”

Karim Rashid


Steal The Look Of Karim Rashid's Stunning Product Design Collection_5
Bertoia Big Dining Table & Federico Chair | Essential Home
essential classic blue
Steal The Look Of Karim Rashid's Stunning Product Design Collection_8
Katiya Bedroom By Karim Rashid

For him, what sets a piece apart from any other is their functionality and how they make people’s lives easier. They have to be comfortable and with a good technological process, minimal but sensual and human.

Authentic Living Collection by Karim Rashid

Each project and collection is different and generally the design process is different as well. Their diversity gives him the ability to cross-pollinate ideas, materials, behaviors, aesthetics and language from one typology to the another. From concept to 3D renderings done by his talented team, the end result turns into perfection every time.


Miles Floor Lamp | DelightFULL
Koval Table by Karim Rashid

“I believe that everything that is physical and new must contribute to reflect and embrace the digital age in one way or another, be it a production method, a new material, or a digital language, a new way of living. (…) People like to assume that design moves with more superficial trends, but it is technology that drives us. The industrial project is led by designers who embrace new technologies, whether it is a chemical material, production method, or mechanical invention. My designs are based on the latest manufacturing methods.”


Perry Dining Chair | Essential Home

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