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AvroKO: Luxury Restaurant Design Projects

AvroKO is known for being one of the most innovative design firms out there. Their signature has become a thoughtful and provocative architecture and interior design style. Stay with us and let yourself be inspired by some impressive luxury restaurant design projects from AvroKO!

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900 North Michigan

AvroKO Luxury Restaurant Design Projects_1

In order to highlight the already existing layout of the building, AvroKO designed open framework structures on each level. Inspired by the ever-iconic Coco Chanel and her avant-garde approach towards luxury and fashion, the color palette and materials reflected Chanel’s flawless ability to blend subtle masculinity into a more feminine vision.

Hoxton Chicago

AvroKO Luxury Restaurant Design Projects_2

Weaving together the richness and warmth of the American Crafts movement, and the eccentric vision of Edgar MillerAvroKO has created a narrative. This luxury restaurant was designed with passion and love for nature and the arts.

Dutch & Docs

AvroKO Luxury Restaurant Design Projects_3

Taking as its point of departure a homage to its location and reverence of place, this interior design project is located directly across from the iconic Chicago Cubs sign. Reinterpreting the types of social gathering spaces that existed as a nascent baseball culture, this restaurant connects its customers through a sort of time-space continuum to one of America’s oldest institutions.


AvroKO Luxury Restaurant Design Projects_4

Located in the prestigious and well-heeled Gold Coast neighborhood, the AvroKO team derived inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s when the Kennedy-esque leisure set was in its heyday frequenting country clubs throughout America.

The Zodiac Room

AvroKO Luxury Restaurant Design Projects_5

Creating a sophisticated but innovative narrative by reinterpreting classical inspirations from New Formalism, space is divided into three experiences which leads the guest from the least formal and most animated to an enveloping and more classic dining room.


AvroKO Luxury Restaurant Design Projects_6

Inspired by the owners’ love for farming, gardening, and molecular gastronomy, AvroKO used DNA references sequencing of common kitchen herbs like basil and shallots, while a rooftop fountain has a series of stepped recesses and grooves.

Waldorf Astoria Bangkok

AvroKO Luxury Restaurant Design Projects_7

Retaining a distinct Art Deco vibe juxtaposed with the pattern, materiality, and vibrancy of Thai Lanna Culture, this interior design project has inspired by the New York City Waldorf Astoria. AvroKO used local textiles, intricate handcraft, and detailing that exemplifies the true nature of Thailand.

Penthouse Bar & Grill

AvroKO Luxury Restaurant Design Projects_8

Centered around a fictitious muse, the interior design takes its cues from British fashion and the lavish penthouses found in Chicago and New York. The rooftop bar features custom-designed trellis’ and the PDR in the restaurant is home to a wall-length cabinet holding a collection of precious stones.

The Modern Pantry

AvroKO Luxury Restaurant Design Projects_9

This interior design project was inspired by the Chefs’ familial Danish roots. The furniture, lighting, and materiality, took a page from the classical styles of mid-century Denmark and Northern Europe generally. Dark blue and off-white hues color the restaurant seen in the white oak bar, saturated blue menu board, patterned tile, and a dark blue pivoting screen.


AvroKO Luxury Restaurant Design Projects_10

Inspired by a cross-section between the modern, bold, sleek Italian designs from the 1970s juxtaposed against a quieter style of 19th century Italian residential classicism, this interior design project by AvroKO has its own personality with the insertion of mid-century modern furniture which adds an eclectic flair.

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