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Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!

Here’s the best interior designers in Madrid you should know about!

Dive into a world of inspiration with some of the best top designers and architects we know about. We’re going on a journey to discover the best interior designers in Madrid to get to know all the inspiration you need for next year!

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Adriana Fernández López-Barajas

Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_1

Adriana Fernández López-Barajas is an interior design studio located in Málaga that offers interior design and decoration. After obtaining the diploma in interior design in IADE, Madrid, Adriana Fernández start their career in the studio of architect Ignacio García de Vinuesa. In 2008, she create their design studio interior, with a single criterion, carry out projects, tailored to the individual needs of each client, without straying from their line of work.


Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_2

Interior design studies in school Eina. In 1994 opens Tost – dedicated to the production of furniture and iron supplement (design, manufacture and marketing). In 1999 he started accions interiorisme i flors – conceived as a multidisciplinary space where different teams perform interior design projects, floral arrangements and assembly of temporary spaces. In 2008 creates the study Alfons Tost interiorisme where interior design projects of all kinds are made.

Estudio 48

Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_3

The decoration studio “Studio 48” was born in 1985 in Donostia – San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) illusion of two young decorators excited about the design and decoration of art. At that time, the mid-eighties, in San Sebastián was a very classical philosophy about spatial concepts in housing and interior decoration. In fact, very few companies and studios decoration to bet on innovative criteria for projects existed, because demand was weak.

Estudi Ribaudí

Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_4

Industrial designer Jordi Ribaudí founded his company,  Estudio Ribaudí , which specialises in creating products and lighting, in 1996. Since then, the studio, which is based in the town of Igualada near Barcelona, has designed pieces for such well-known firms as  Estiluz ,  LEDS-C4 ,  Lamp ,  Faro ,  Salvi  and  Indecasa , among others. And, as interior designers, the studio has dreamt up new retail concepts for such renowned fashion labels as Sita Murt and Munich.

Foc Design

Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_5

FOC is a dynamic team with a reputation for sophisticated fresh schemes designed to exceed all expectations. Foc Design specialise in creating exciting original interior design, project management and stylish bespoke furnishing. International residential and commercial clients include bars, restaurants, hotels and exclusive private residencies located throughout Europe, America, the Middle East and beyond.


Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_6

In Gunni & Trentino we have a department specializing in comprehensive projects of interior design for homes, hotels, offices, etc. We advise on the implementation of something as simple as a bath, as well as a global project of an entire house, with the advantage that through a single partner and in the same company can design and purchase all necessary materials for the interior of your home (kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, cabinets, lighting, furniture, etc.).. We also have partners who will implement and coordinate its perfect work, so you only have to worry about product selection and to forget other process.

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Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_7

Isabel López Vilalta over thirty years working in the world of architecture, design and interior ago. His extensive work is a valid reference for interior designers in the industry. Accompanied by a professional and multidisciplinary team of first level, the study moves driven by continued research excellence in all projects undertaken.


Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_8

More than 37 years is the time that Lorenzo Castillo makes design and over  the years Lorenzo got reputation and fame in the world of interior designers. In  high school, a teacher  inspired him to view these interests through the lens of architecture , and Lorenzo are very grateful , because if not teacher inspired him , in that moment Lorenzo could have any profession. Lorenzo has a showroom in Cañizares 7, Planta Calle 28012 Madrid España , and  in the web is own website where he presents you his works.


Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_9

Luis Bustamante obtained a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at de University Complutense de Madrid. In 1991 he started his interior design career in Barcelona where he lived during 8 years and continued working in this area. Later he moved to Mexico for five years where he continued with his professional career and was consolidated as an international interior designer.


Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_10

Surnamed Garcia has been his salvation not to go through life “son of famous” (her father is journalist José María García. He was educated with discipline and as he himself acknowledges, “was a Kafir and lazy child.” Started Business and three years working in communications agency Colate, the husband of Paulina Rubio. But the decor is crossed his path.


Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_11

Marisa Gallo, diploma in interior design in IADE, is ahead of her studio in Madrid, Interiorismo. For more than 20 years, Marisa wanted to polish her talent in a constant search for the uniqueness and balance, creating a distinctive style and an aesthetic synonymous with timeless elegance and classicism.


Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_12

Founded in 1979 by Toni and Juan Molins, Molins Interiors is an interior design studio placed in the city of Barcelona, with extensive experience in home and commercial interior design,  responsible for carrying out a wide variety of different types of projects, such as urban living, restaurants, second homes, commercial premises, outdoor or boats.

Nuño & Nuño

Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_13

Nuño and Nuño is a Studio and interior decoration that was created in 1994, the result of the concerns and entrepreneurial spirit of two young decorators. Since then they have implemented projects in all areas of interior design, always researching at the forefront of the latest materials and techniques of the market, responding to social preferences.


Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_14

Modern and sophisticated, classic and transgressive at once, Pascua Ortega is an emblematic decorator. Known to be an excellent host, welcomes us in the halls of their study, an extension of your home, located on the top floor. In them, the decor changes regularly, and reflected his intense professional activity and that vocation that leads you to be always ready to open the doors of his magical universe. Elegance is a constant in his work, but no more than the ability to create different environments in which the seal is always present. The interiors exude the feeling of a lived decoration where disparate mixtures tuning is possible: antiques from different periods and styles, classic design with own pieces, fabrics and subtle textures, lighting and colors varied in a wide range he masterfully mixes.

Patricia Darch

Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_15

Patricia Darch’s name has become synonymous with impressive interior decoration for over a quarter century. Their showroom is located in the Marina of Sotogrande in southern Spain. The showroom Store has been a source of inspiration for countless customers looking to get the perfect setting for your dream home look. We carry exclusive lines of furniture and textiles from Italian luxury companies and top Spanish designers.

Pedro Peña

Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_16

For over 25 years, Pedro Peña is a leader of the avant-garde interior on the Costa del Sol. In constant evolution in terms of trends more in vogue at the time, Pedro Peña has marked a style that has resulted in countless projects not only in the Costa del Sol, but also in much of Spain and Europe.

Sandra Tarruella Interioristas

Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_17

Sandra Tarruella began her career in 1984 with the design of El Mordisco, the first restaurant founded by Grupo Tragaluz Restaurants. After several years of professional experience she founded Tarruella-Lopez in 1992 through 2009. She opened her new studio that same year.
 Mrs. Tarruella now has a career spanning more than 27 years and over 100 projects built, including some which have had a great media impact. She leads a young team that includes designers and professionals from different disciplines, positioning as an interior design reference firm both  in Spain and internationally. The studio has received numerous awards and prizes for its projects, and has become a reference amongst the media and specialized press, conferences and lectures, and publications.


Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_18

Tomas Alia is one of Spain’s Most Internationally renowned designers inside. I founded His studio in Madrid over 20 years ago, and it has grown steadily ever since. The studio’s success and philosophy rest on Successful teamwork That Operates in a cutting-edge, very practical environment Which Allows it to take on and complete all kinds of projects. The studio spécialisés in interior design but ITS Also turns to hand effortlessly and graphic design industry and temporary exhibition design. Projects,: such as STI work on hotel chains Room Mate and Relais & Chateaux and many clubs and restaurants, have boosted the outstanding reputation of esta studio Which has garnered prizes Numerous, Among them Spain’s National Architecture Prize in 2000 for ITS design of Madrid’s restaurant and bar, Larios Café.

Tono Lledó

Discover The 20 Best Interior Designers In Madrid!_19

Born in Alicante in 1957. In 1985 he founded his own design studio is located in the city of Alicante. Since then they have made in this release more than 1,200 projects covering all fields of design. At the moment the team of Tono Lledo is formed by professionals Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design and engineering, as well as direct collaboration with other professional and industrial linked to the world of construction and execution of works. Tono Lledo Interioristas Design operates throughout the country and in different European cities such as Milan, Cannes, Hamburg and others.

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