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Dutch East Design: Check Their Best Luxury Restaurant Designs

These luxury restaurant designs could only had made by the incredible Dutch East Design!

Dutch East Design is a very well established interior design firm that serves the goal of creating the most incredible settings, by concerning with every aesthetic, cultural, social and operational aspects of their projects, creating complete experiences. Today, we’re checking some of the best luxury restaurant designs by this top interior designer, Dutch East Design based in NYC.

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Dutch East Design Check Their Best Luxury Restaurant Designs_1

Meet Dutch East Design, a New York based interior design company that specializes in stunning interiors and branding for the hospitality industry. They aim to create tailor-made hospitality, retail and residential spaces with an artistic hand and technical precision. They are a united front that is “passionate about the entire design process—from project conception through completion”. They enjoy the whole process, paying attention to every detail.


Dutch East Design Check Their Best Luxury Restaurant Designs_2

As a team, their goal is to create a design long-lasting, beautiful and functional spaces by listening carefully to the client’s needs and thoughtfully evaluating the nature of each space. Their devotion to high-quality details and materials enriches projects with custom custom furniture, art and lighting made by skilled craftspeople. Through an experience with the client, they get to establish a tied and close relationship, where the firm focuses all their attention on the project they’re involved.

Dutch East Design Check Their Best Luxury Restaurant Designs_3

Throughout the years, the company established itself, keeping a large amount of experience, as well as many contacts and several resources, wether on a national or international level. Through that dynamic with their audience and bespoke relationship, they’re able to grasp a particular concept of clients, that are “entrepreneurial and adventurous, and willing to be adventurous.” That’s how they are able to let their creativity grow in every project!

Dutch East Design Check Their Best Luxury Restaurant Designs_4

They share a multi-disciplinary approach to all projects has developed into a unique set of tools. When looking for the perfect design company, you’ll find that Dutch East Design contains an extensive list of important elements. Those are unique finishes, custom furniture, operational efficiency, bespoke projects, social dynamics, unique art programs, industry know-how and custom lighting. Considering every factor, the firm’s concept sits on a “design style that is clean and contextual.”

essential classic blue


Dutch East Design Check Their Best Luxury Restaurant Designs_5

For the future, Dutch East Design is anticipating a major change on the hospitality area, within the interior design. They have realized that people are looking for experiences, what makes them feel good, both phisically and mentally. “People are much more passionate about that which will enrich their wellbeing– physically, spiritually, socially. We’re seeing this especially within the hospitality industry.

Dutch East Design Check Their Best Luxury Restaurant Designs_6

This firm, that believes that the hottest trends sit on “softer forms, lighter color palettes, and layering”, it’s constantly evolving. With every principal in mind, Dutch East Design is creating a much bigger space for them within the industry of the interior design, specially on the hospitality area!

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