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Inside The Colorful Design World of Masquespacio

Masquespacio is an award-winning creative consultancy created in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Combining the 2 disciplines of their founders, interior design and marketing, the Spanish design agency creates custom-made branding and interior projects through a unique approach that results in fresh and innovative concepts. Today, we will dive into the colorful design world of Masquespacio. Continue reading and check why we are in love with their unique design projects!

Taking the leap into the world of interior decorating can be a scary thing, especially the first time around. Just like a budding relationship, the start of a decorating project can bring a symphony of emotions: the heart-swelling when imagining the end result, the butterflies when spotting your dream sofa, the nerves when swiping the credit card, the doubts when awaiting delivery…Is it a good fit? Will it last? Will I love it? Fortunately, there are interior designers who can guide you through every step of the way with their expertise. Masquespacio is the name that is always coming up when trying to find the most suitable designer to transform our design dreams into reality.

Masquespacio is a renowned creative studio based in Valencia, Spain, with a portfolio filled with some of the most astonishing worldwide design projects. Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, an interior designer, and Christophe Penasse, a marketer, decided to combine their different industry backgrounds to make an agency where branding, product design, art direction and space design would come as one.

Image Credit: Masquespacio

Ana Milena Hernández is the founder and creative director of Masquespacio. She is passionate about design and everything that has to do with it. For her design is much more than employment, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that makes her take care of every detail in her projects, looking for the optimal solution for every client, without losing the focus on distinguishing their brands from their competitors with fresh and innovative concepts.

Image Credit: Masquespacio

Christophe Penasse is co-founder and actually marketing director of Masquespacio. As a marketeer he loves creating new concepts for his clients, giving greater importance to the design and identity of each brand. He likes everything to do with marketing, besides being passionate about design. At present, in addition to his job in Masquespacio, he is working as a chief editor for Blog del Diseño, a media specialized in design founded by Masquespacio.

Image Credit: Masquespacio

The design duo has been making waves in the design world. Since its creation in 2010, they have been conquering clients hears, international recognition by some of the most distinguished design magazines, and awards like “Massimo Dutti New Values” by Architectural Digest Spain“Wave of the Future” by Hospitality Design USA, “Young Talented Awards” by Elle Decor.

“We are passionate people who like to face new challenges and approach each new project with enthusiasm and eager to give the best of ourselves.”


Image Credit: Masquespacio

The duo has worked on design projects in several countries like Norway, USA, Germany and Spain, and they will continue grabbing all the design challenges that cross their way.

Image Credit: Masquespacio

Masquespacio’s design experts claim that they are big fans of contemporary style with an eclectic touch, and, in fact, it can characterize their unique signature style filled with bold colors and elements. The eclectic design style evokes a whole host of superlatives that belie its wily nature. It’s a riotous juxtaposition of color and texture, old and new, and high and low—a study in contrasts that allows one’s unique personality to shine and the freedom to think outside the box.

Image Credit: Masquespacio

One of the biggest achievements of the design firm was to exhibit for the first time in a renowned event such as Casa Decor. The design duo even shared with CovetED Magazine the best part of this experience: “as the best memory the camaraderie between the different interior designers and designers. Each one presents their own style which makes the event very eclectic and diverse, also with a spirit of sharing and getting to know other people in the sector that you may have been following for many years, but that you do not know in person.”

Image Credit: Masquespacio

Masquespacio exhibited a space for Roca Tile in Casa Decor to pay tribute to ceramics and its features in interior design and decoration, with a nod to contemporary Greco-Roman architecture and to surrealist fantasies that give us a feeling of timelessness.  The space called “A Look to the Future from the Past”, explores the new ways that, thanks to Roca technology, it is possible to adapt ceramics to any use, including symbolic furnishings that “observe” us and details of organic vegetation, in counterpoint to the floor and wall coverings, to form an environment made unique by its composition and lighting.

Image Credit: Masquespacio

The elegance of the twisting waters of polished marble, its light-enhancing effects and reflectivity are reproduced in porcelain, in wider color ranges than those of the natural stone itself, with luminous finishes, such as the indigo and cobalt of Marble Nouveau and the white with ochre crisscrossed streaks of Marble Parana.

Image Credit: Masquespacio

Casa Decor has been not only a witness but above all an active participant in the great evolution that interior design and design has undergone in Spain, by highlighting and giving importance to these disciplines, and showing the public the need to live in an aesthetic, functional, healthy and sustainable environment. Sustainability is one of the big trends in interior design, and for all that, the famous duo couldn’t do a project thinking about the world, and the environment, so the project uses products that “have an artisanal process and as a consequence they use production techniques by hand which automatically is less polluting” they said.

Image Credit: Masquespacio

Are you ready to discover all about the next steps of the Spanish award-winning company? If the answer is yes, you should pay attention to the content we’ll keep posting!

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