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London Restaurants For The Design Savvy

Check out these restaurants in London that taste good not just for the food!

Going to a restaurant is a social experience. You don’t go eat out just for the food, but for the whole experience a restaurant provides. That includes the restaurant’s interior design. If it doesn’t improve the dining experience, then the customer will not likely return. If you’re a design lover, you might have a taste for these London restaurants.

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London Restaurants For The Design Savvy

While traveling around Britain, you might want to find some of the top restaurants in London. Perhaps you’ll be attending 100% Design at the London Design Festival. If that is the case, make sure you visit Essential Home’s stand!

The following restaurants have all been nominated for this year’s Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. You can find all entries here.


A mostly Indian restaurant, this space will provide you flavors and textures that you may recognize from Indian food (or the idea you have of it) while also drawing inspirations from other food cultures.

London Restaurants For The Design Savvy
Gunpowder | Photo: Enzo Cerri

Spicy food and spicy decor! The interior design is nothing like you would expect from an Indian restaurant. Instead, it looks more like a glorified pub, and a large one at that. A very modern restaurant, it’s mostly dark color palette is contrasted but reddish and golden accents in the decor, not to mention the option of mid-century furniture.

Old Compton Brasserie

Offering all-day brasserie dining, this restaurant will welcome you into a relaxed yet creative setting. Breakfast? Eggs Benedict. Lunch? Great creamy mash. Vegan? Cheese burgers – you read that right!

London Restaurants For The Design Savvy
Old Compton Brasserie | Photo: Michael Franke

The whole space is relaxing yet stimulating, taking inspiration from the vibrant history of Soho. Open wide, it crosses a somewhat decaying urban feel of exposed bricks and industrial features with vibrant colors and artwork. The furniture is decidedly mid-century modern, as it couldn’t be any other way!

Savage Garden

Describing themselves as a bar for all occasions, this is a location that you will certainly recall. From business lunches to DJ parties, this is definitely quite a versatile place that you must book in advance.

London Restaurants For The Design Savvy
Savage Garden | Photo: Michael Franke

Its two terraces provide an absolute 360º view of London’s skyline and a decor that is as opulent as it is elegant. The reflective surfaces contrast with velvet upholstered furniture items, in conjunction with a feisty color palette.


Sweet, but not sour! Have a taste of Chinese flavors in innovative dishes and drinks as well as creative interpretations of traditional well-known recipes from all over China.

London Restaurants For The Design Savvy
Kym’s | Photo: Gavriil Papadiotis

The interior decor is a contemporary take on Asian design. A soft palette of pinks and plums, and occasional splashes of green compliments the woody surroundings. The focal piece is a cherry blossom tree exuding an almost magical energy across the dining space. It is an organic space that balances itself out with the busy atmosphere of London.


Seasonal and local food reminiscent of home comforts. In this restaurant you can expect bursts of flavor from a wide range of dishes, from simple to more complex meals.

London Restaurants For The Design Savvy
Provisioners | Photo: Paul Winch-Furness

This stylish restaurant is contemporary and vintage, inspired by European and British design. A relaxed environment characterized by soft colors and carefully selected artwork and furniture, perfect to enjoy a meal.

So did you get a taste for any of these London restaurants?

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