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Philippe Starck: Discover More About The Incredible French Designer

One of the best interior designers in the world: let’s discover everything about Philippe Starck!

Internationally acclaimed French creator, designer and architect, Philippe Starck is on our spotlight today. He considers it his duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer planet, create unconventional places and objects whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful, functionality before style. Today, we’re taking a look at the life of Philippe Starck and how he changed the design world with his work.

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Philippe Starck Discover More About The Incredible French Designer_1 (1)

Starck still remembers how he spent his childhood beneath the drawing tables of an airplane building with his aeronautic engineer father, passing the hours sewing, cutting, pasting, and dismantling. Hours (or rather a life) devoted to the creation and dismantling of everything that affects people, to reshape the world around him.

 “Subversive, ethical, ecological, political, humorous… this is how I see my duty as a designer.”
– Philippe Starck

Although he considers himself no more an architect than designer, in the early 1980s Philippe Starck designed several buildings in Japan, with forms never seen before, shapes that will forever set the tone for his career, making him the father of expressionist architecture.

Philippe Starck Discover More About The Incredible French Designer_2 (1)

Enriching the American design history with hotel projects such as the Delano in Miami, the Mondrian in Los Angeles, the Hudson in New York, and the Clift in San Francisco, Philippe Starck brings contemporary design to another level. But it wasn’t just in Japan and the United States that he left a mark on – his projects are seen everywhere, from Munich to New York, Paris to London, Chicago to Barcelona: cities that devote to him, exhibiting his work and honoring him as the incredible designer he has become.

Philippe Starck Discover More About The Incredible French Designer_3 (1)
Baccarat House, Museum, Store, Restaurant, Moscow, Russia (2008)

Philippe Starck always seems to be able to move us with his work, understanding our needs and desires as he produces products that will improve our lives, not just aesthetically but in terms of function. From his unique architecture style to incredible contemporary interior design projects and even product design, let’s now take a look at some of the best projects by this French designer.

Philippe Starck Discover More About The Incredible French Designer_4 (1)
Le Nuage, Life and Sport Center, Montpellier France (2014)
Philippe Starck Discover More About The Incredible French Designer_5 (1)
Starck House, Individual House in wood sold by correspondence, 3 Suisses (1994)
Philippe Starck Discover More About The Incredible French Designer_6 (1)
Zik Sport, headphones, Parrot (2012)

Iconic Projects

Philippe Starck Discover More About The Incredible French Designer_7 (1)

Romantic, audacious and luxurious, the Palais de Cristal de la Maison Baccarat (2004), in a Parisian town house that once belonged to Marie-Laure de Noailles, blazes under its own impulsion. Adjacent to the museum and boutique is the restaurant, the Cristal Room Baccarat, which immediately imposed itself as an incontrovertible venue for Parisian gastronomes, but also as a space that spectacularly links the festive Noailles years to our own era.

Philippe Starck Discover More About The Incredible French Designer_8 (1)

With the Hudson in New York (1999) he continued his dream-like quest, conjuring up an acid-tinted phantasmagoria with numerous dreamy and reflective surprises. 

Philippe Starck Discover More About The Incredible French Designer_9 (1)

In 2001 he designed the Clift in San Francisco and pushed the spectacle even further combining the city’s classical codes and archetypes with cutting edge technology – undoubtedly a bit mischievously yet with the constant aim of keeping the creation in perspective with its context.

The Creator’s Awards

Philippe Starck Discover More About The Incredible French Designer_10 (1)

In 1983 the general public discovered Philippe Starck when, on the advice of Culture Minister Jack Lang, President François Mitterrand chose his project to decorate the private residences at the Elysée Palace. It symbolised an institutional recognition of design. The following year his fame went global thanks to the success of the Café Costes, a new venue that was functional and elegant, that contained all the essence of Starck architecture while converging with the birth and the flourishing of a community. His reinvention of the codes of the Parisian cafe made it THE cafe par excellence.

Here are some of the awards Philippe Starck has won through the years:

  • La France s’engage, Ideas Box, 2015
  • Elle Decor International Design Award EDIDA, Bathroom category, Axor Starck V, 2015
  • Wallpaper* Design Award, Best Domestic Design category, Axor Starck V, 2015
  • Label Leading Spa awarded by Leading Hotels of the World, Spa Royal Monceau (2014)
  • “The Best New Hotels”, Travel & Leisure USA Hot List 2014, Mama Shelter Istanbul (2014)

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