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Thad Hayes Inc.: Best Design Firms in New York City

Discover the stunning work of Thad Hayes Inc!

Design firms have some of the most incredibly creative minds on Earth! They create spaces which can resist the passage of time, they give body to wishes and visions, they make our dreams come true. New York City, known for being one of the main capital cities in fashion, art and design, has a vibrant and groundbreaking visual scene which allows design firms to create and prosper. There’s no lack of inspiration. The city that never sleeps is naturally edgy and does not settle for anything other than excellence. New York has outstanding and luxurious interior design projects!

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We bring you what we consider to be some of the best design firms in New York City. Today it’s Thad Hayes, Inc. turn, a design firm which is responsible for sophisticated interior design projects.

Thad Hayes Inc. Best Design Firms in New York City_1
Park Avenue Apartment

The New York-based design firm is very solution oriented and believes in an approach which often relies in simple, yet bold, creations that connect design to architecture. This provides solidity to the interiors they design. Thad Hayes, Inc. believes in the harmonious combination of the natural features of a space and the interior design, creating a perfect synergy. The design firm tries to incorporate history and craft into the spaces they create, reflecting the times we live and honoring artistry.

Thad Hayes Inc. Best Design Firms in New York City_2
Greenwich Village Triplex

Their interior design projects are very collaborative and personalized, only then inspiration can be realized and only then can someone’s vision take form. Thad Hayes, Inc. are specialists in residential projects, and it is their goals to design purposeful spaces that are both relevant and functional. The design firm creates design inspirations that are meant to be lived and enjoyed through generations.

Thad Hayes Inc. Best Design Firms in New York City_3
West Village Townhouse
West Village Townhouse

The spaces are textured and warm. There’s a balance between vintage and contemporary design, old and new, almost like they’re telling a story through their designs. The design firm also plays with scale, the eye is drawn to the different shapes they harmoniously combine. The decoration pieces they choose are an ode to craftsmanship as they work very closely with artisans. This synergy is very present in most of their interior design projects, as they try to produce not only furniture but fabrics and installations in collaboration with craftsmen, enriching and elevating their work. Thad Hayes, Inc. connects Art and Man like no other, and they are responsible for timeless design inspirations.

Overlooking the Frick
Thad Hayes Inc. Best Design Firms in New York City_6
Central West Park Residence

Their work has been described as luxurious, sophisticated yet unpretentious and subtle, and the design firm has been recognized by multiple publications, including Architectural Digest, House and Garden, and Elle Decor. Thad Hayes, Inc. has been consistently honored as one of “The AD 100.”

West Village Townhouse
Hudson River Pied-à-Terre

The distinguished design firm embodies beautifully what there’s best about design and craftmanship. They value solid techniques developed over the course of decades and they ally them with a very contemporary design. Thad Hayes, Inc. connects Man and Art like no other design firm, and they create sophisticated and luxurious spaces! Their interior design projects are conceptualized to survive time itself, which is why Thad Hayes, Inc. plays a very important part in New York’s design history!

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